Great engineers choose a tool based on the type of the problem. They have a strong arsenal of multiple tools and attack any problem with the right tool. Software testers are no different. They face multiple scenarios in their testing cycles and they need to keep their toolkit updated with multiple tools - be it open source, paid, browser add-ons, standalone, nifty scripts or a combination of tools.

In this hands-on workshop, we will survey multiple tools spread across different domains and stages of testing cycle. Be ready to try some tools, test some, know some more and finally walk away with a strong and customized tool kit after the workshop


The last instance of this workshop was sold out and testers from different companies liked the variety of tools presented.

What the course will help the learner become

This workshop will expose the participant to a variety of tools useful for multiple quality criteria and help them save a lot of time

Course / Student Materials

  • List of tools
  • Brief context about each tool
  • links to download them

Why should someone take this course:

Testers up to 5 years of experience in the software testing industry have found this workshop highly useful as they get exposed to 50+ tools in a single day. The variety of tools has been a hit among the participants.

Mode: Hands On, Written Exercises, Group Discussion, Case Study etc