Aastha Agarwal

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

AI Test Engineer + Manual tester + Corporate Coach – Experience in uncovering biases & ensuring fairness in AI Systems | “Optimizing Performance & Reliability of Machine Learning Models” | Combining traditional software testing expertise with AI knowledge to make sure of developing or deploying AI-powered solutions | Corporate coaching on AI & Machine Learning on various global certifications & non-certification courses.

Technical Skills:

  • Solid understanding of software testing principles and methodologies: This includes experience with manual testing, test case design, defect management, and test reporting.
  • Knowledge of AI and Machine Learning concepts: Familiarity with different ML algorithms, model training and evaluation processes, and the unique challenges posed by testing AI-powered systems.
  • Programming skills: Python used for test automation and data analysis. Familiarity with frameworks like PyTorch, TensorFlow.
  • Data analysis and statistics: Ability to collect, analyze, and interpret large datasets to identify patterns and potential issues in AI models.
  • Cloud computing platforms: Knowledge of platforms like AWS, Azure for deploying and testing AI models in the cloud.
  • One among the first few to clear the ISTQB – AI Global Certification in the world
  • With extensive experience in training and consulting, Aastha has delivered a number of trainings to the Individuals and Corporates in India, Malaysia, and Philippines – Have trained more than 500+ Corporate Professionals on AI Global Certifications & Non-certification Courses all around the world.
  • A partial list of companies from where the professionals have enrolled and where Aastha has conducted AI training, consulted and coached are as follows – Expleo, Infosys, DXC, Trendig, Accenture, Open Text, DSV Transport, AB INBEV GCC & Many more.

Soft Skills:

  • Analytical and problem-solving skills: Strong analytical thinking to understand complex AI models, identify edge cases, and troubleshoot issues.
  • Critical thinking and creativity: Testing AI with creative test cases and scenarios to uncover potential biases or vulnerabilities.
  • Communication and collaboration skills: Effective communication with developers, data scientists, and other stakeholders for ensuring a successful testing process.
  • Adaptability and continuous learning: The field of AI is constantly evolving, so the ability to adapt to new technologies and stay updated is essential.

Work Experience

Lead AI Testing

TestAIng (TestAIng.com is a leading deep-tech company offering AiEnsured, a cutting-edge solution for Quality Assurance in artificial intelligence. AiEnsured is an offered product which simplifies the testing process of various organizations, enabling seamless evaluation and validation of the AI and ML-based applications)

Roles & Responsibilities: Successfully undertaken responsibility of leading the testing team which led to overall growth of the organization. The focus is on testing activities for the product “AiEnsured” as well as testing AI models as well as corresponding non-AI functionality for other applications.

  • Company mainly focuses on Testing of AI/ML Applications and my responsibility mainly lies in testing.
  • Black box testing of 9 pipelines which includes image, structure, text etc.
  • Learned about different methodologies of AI/ML so as to perform functional testing.
  • Test management, Test execution, Test reporting and handling testing team.
  • Undertaken many client projects
    • AI functional testing for KritiKal solutions – Led a team to execute AI functional testing that involves black box testing of Image classification model and Object detection model using Metamorphic testing and Adversarial testing
    • Performance Testing for MySutra – Led a team to do Performance testing using “JMeter”. Performance Testing for Pactera Edge – Led a team to check system health using “perfmon”.
    • Functional Testing for Perfect Hand solutions – Leading a team. The company provides services to the hotels to manage its bookings, rates, inventory, staff etc through offline mode and online integration with travel agencies like booking, expedia, make my trip etc. Functional testing/ integration testing/Regression testing.
  • POC for Chatbot testing.(Blog)
  • Exploring European Union-Artificial Intelligence (EU-AI) Act.
  • Execution of Teachable machine models on the pipelines.
  • Involved in delivering AI related training & consulting at a global level.
  • Working on Test data management, validation of synthetic data using PCA.
  • Migration of Test management system from Bugzilla to JIRA.
  • Migration testing for OS- Windows, Linux, Docker.
  • Designing of Testing Dashboard- A Dashboard contains all information of test cases, test case execution on Linux/Docker/Windows, bug reporting (JIRA tickets, screenshots of failed/passed test cases). One landing page that gives complete information about Product Testing.

Quality Analyst

Tech Mahindra

Location: Noida

Roles & Responsibilities: I worked on the Municipal Corporation of Delhi’s (MCD) e-governance automation project. MCD intended to modernize its information systems related to all its activities / processes / services to develop the capability to provide a Knowledge Management and Decision Support System.

My key responsibilities were analysis of Requirement documents, preparation of test ware, test execution, attending meetings with managers, bug tracking and test reporting.

  • Manual Testing for 13 applications out of 49 in a team of 10. Applications covered domains like Education, Health and Planning & Monitoring.
  • Test case writing on the basis of different types of testing methodologies.
  • Ensuring execution of Test Cases as per process specified by Requirement specification. Identifying possible defects, Bug logging at Bugzilla and reporting Testing.
  • Performance testing using Jmeter to increase quality, reduce time and manual efforts on engagements.
  • Collaborated with other technology teams on automation of the testing process.
  • Documenting & tracking test plans, results, analysis and unresolved problems.
  • Working closely with the development team to release defect free products.
  • Review all test results before delivery.
  • Assisting BAs in capturing client requirements.
  • Knowledge sharing of the applications with Clients.
  • Training to end users.


Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science Engineering

Jaypee University of Engineering and Technology, Guna –7.4 CGPA


Member, Women Welfare Organization, Western Railway (WRWWO)

Active in social welfare works aimed at uplifting the society and women empowerment. The organization runs schools for the under-privileged, sewing centres, hospital canteens and beauty parlours providing employment to women.

Treasurer (Financial Head), WRWWO Ratlam, (M.P.)

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