How learning happens - Theory vs Practicals

When someone attends a workshop, many expect miracles to happen. When I say miracles, the participant is expected to deliver significant output right from the next day after the workshop. I am experimenting with Python and when I read that dir(random) lists out the attributes of the module, I wanted to try that out.

I launched the IDLE (Python IDE) and typed dir random This is what was registered in my mind after reading the book. You might think that you have understood but when you try out is when you find out how much you have understood. I got the error - Invalid syntax. I told to myself - fair enough - I did not use the brackets.

Then I typed dir 9random) and pressed enter. Actually, I wanted to type dir (random) Notice how I made a mistake without intending to make one. This is quite normal when someone is learning something. One should just take care not to repeat the mistakes.

Soon, I corrected the mistake and typed dir (random) and I got a different warning/error.

If I paid attention to the error, I must have understood why I got the error. Instead, I repeated the same command and got the same error. Finally, I realised that the module needs to be imported before listing out the attributes. The interesting part for me was whether space between dir and (random) matters. Tested it out and looks like it doesnt matter. While reviewing this post, I counted the number of times I used "I" in the sentences. This takes me to another chain of thought - emotional analysis of a post?

And my dear friends, this is what happens (at least to me) in learning - a chain of thoughts is triggered. All of this started from two lines - import random and dir (random)


Ajay Balamurugadas, Principal Consultant, Verity Software

Ajay is an expert on Exploratory Testing, Mobile Testing and Problem Solving techniques; Ajay has conducted workshops across multiple organizations like Times Internet, OpenText, ET Marlabs etc on the above topics. Apart from authoring six books under the theme "What If" downloadable at his blog Ajay co-founded Weekend Testing - a worldwide movement for skilled testing.

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