Certified Performance Tester with JMeter

Performance testing is a specific type of testing that determines a system’s responsiveness to a particular workload in a particular context. It also allows to verify and validate software quality attributes such as scalability, reliability, availability, and resource usage, among other non-functional aspects.

PtU CPTJM is a practical course for testers who are already involved in performance testing, or for those who wish to start in that area. The course is focused on the use of the JMeter tool to carry out performance testing on web applications, thus bringing the use of the tool closer to real implementations through concepts such as recording the tests, building scripts that make it possible to simulate the real use of the system, executing the tests, and monitoring the application during the tests, among other concepts. PtU CPTJM provides a solid technical base suitable for software testers, test engineers, performance analysts, test leaders, quality managers and operation support.


  • Basic knowledge of programming. Knowledge of the concepts of variable, function and control structures (conditionals and loops).
  • Basic knowledge of web applications and their architecture. Knowledge of client-server architecture.
  • Basic knowledge of the HTTP(S) protocol. Knowledge of the concepts of request, response, cookies, URL parameters, invocation methods (GET/POST), message headers and message body.


Chapter 1 - Introduction

  • 1.1 Main Concepts of Performance Testing
  • 1.2 JMeter Basic Concepts


Chapter 2 - Basic Scripts

  • 2.1 Test plan
  • 2.2 Recording and Execution
  • 2.3 Results Listeners


Chapter 3 - Advanced Scripting

  • 3.1 Correlation
  • 3.2 Parameterization
  • 3.3 Think Times
  • 3.4 Logic Controllers
  • 3.5 Assertions
  • 3.6 Debugging the Script


Chapter 4 - Testing

  • 4.1 Test Execution
  • 4.2 Application Monitoring


Chapter 5 - Documentation

  • 5.1 Introduction
  • 5.2 Performance Test Plan
  • 5.3 Test Script
  • 5.4 Results Report


Chapter 6 - Extra

  • 6.1 JMeter Best Practices
  • 6.2 Testing Web Services