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Certified GenAI-Assisted Test Engineer (GenAiA-TE)

Attention Future Generative AI Testers! Are you seeking to elevate your training curriculum to meet the demands of the rapidly evolving landscape of AI-driven testing?

Course Description:

As pioneers in the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) within testing frameworks, we at Artificial Intelligence United (AiU) are thrilled to unveil our latest offering: the Certified GenAI-Assisted Testing Engineer (GenAiA-TE) course! In just three days, you’ll embark on a journey through seven comprehensive chapters, each meticulously designed to equip you with cutting-edge knowledge and practical skills:

  • GenAI-Assisted Testing: Discover the evolution of testing from manual to AI-assisted methodologies. Learn the inner workings of Language Model-based AI, its benefits in efficiency and human-guided testing, and how to overcome challenges in its implementation.
  • Prompt Engineering: Master the art of crafting effective prompts, essential for guiding AI in generating high-quality test cases. Adapt to changes seamlessly and maintain quality standards with insights from seasoned professionals.
  • Requirements Review: Capturing requirements is a critical step in a development life cycle, as this is where one or more individuals try to express, usually a vague notion of what is to be built in a recorded format. There can be many issues in this translation of what is supposed to be built (which could have its own issues in understanding) versus what is captured. Requirement review is a stage for one of the earliest forms of testing where testers can contribute to improving the requirements. Given the inherent complexity of requirement reviews, AI can greatly assist a tester.
  • Test Generation and Optimization: Explore diverse aspects of test design, leveraging AI efficiently, experimenting with formats, and incorporating systematic techniques. Unleash your creativity with open-ended test idea exploration while considering technology and non-functional testing factors.
  • Test Data: Harness the power of AI for data representation and generation, mastering techniques like regular expressions to manipulate data effectively in various formats.
  • Bug Advocacy and Reporting: Large Language Models built on Natural Language Processing are especially powerful at generating and evaluating textual content in various formats. A tester can use this power to advocate bugs better by writing reports that sell.
  • Further Steps: Beyond the scope of this course, there are still many current and future possibilities for AI assistance in testing. This concluding section gives a glimpse of these opportunities. It also shows how AI is not a full replacement for human intellect and how, in combination, these two forms of intelligence can do magic.

Why Enroll?

  • Stay Ahead: Position yourself at the forefront of the testing field by integrating AI into your skillset.
  • Practical Skills: Gain hands-on experience with real-world projects and scenarios that prepare you for immediate industry impact. 90% of the training is hands-on.
  • Expert Instructors: Learn from leaders in the field, bringing you the latest insights and techniques from the world of AI testing.

➜   Development of a common language.
➜   Understanding of core problems in IT Product and Software Development.
➜   Professional introduction and establishment of Agile techniques.
➜   Role management plays in the Agile change of an organization.

Who Should Attend?

The AiU Certified GenAI-Assisted Test Engineer (GenAiA-TE) certification is designed for software testing professionals who would like to use the possibilities of GenAI in their daily work to maximize their software quality assurance contributions. This certification course will change how you work and bring you to state-of-the-art AI-assisted testing. 


  • Hands-On testing experience
  • ISTQB CTFL or Equivalent Subject Knowledge specifically on test design techniques – ECP, BVA, Decision Tables and State Transition Testing

Technical/Equipment Requisites:

  • Laptop
  • Good Internet Connectivity
  • ChatGPT Account
  • (Preferrable) RDP Software to connect to a remote lab machine
  • NO Programming experience is required

Course Outline:

Chapter 1: GenAI-Assisted Testing
  • Introduction to AI, with a focus on LLMs
  • The Evolution of AI-Assisted Testing
  • An Introduction to LLMs
  • How LLMs Work
  • Benefits of using LLMs
  • Challenges/Limitations in using LLMs
  • Fundamentals of Prompting
  • The Art of Effective and Efficient Prompting
  • Prompting Patterns
  • Using Markdown in Prompts for Clarity
  • Adapting to Change
  • Foundational Practices for Better Prompting
  • LLM Quality/Evaluation Characteristics
  • A Mental Model for Prompt Engineering
  • Calibrating Expectations
  • The Meaning of Review
  • Reviewing Prose Requirements
  • Reviewing Requirements in Other Formats
  • Data Requirements Review
  • How Not to Use LLMs for Test Design
  • A Brief Overview of Test Design
  • A Jumpstart with Test Design using LLMs
  • Experimenting with Test Case Formats
  • Technology Considerations for Test Design
  • A Deeper Dive into Systematic Test Design Techniques with LLMs
  • Exploratory Test Generation (including Non-Functional Tests)
  • Linguistics-based Test Generation from Extremely Vague Requirements
  • Diagrams as Basis for Test Idea Generation
  • Exploring Other Forms of Basis for Test Generation
  • Test Case Maintenance and Optimization
  • Data Representation using LLMs.
  • Fuzzing (Anti-Parsing)
  • Generation of Data in Specific Formats
  • Regular Expressions using LLM
  • Bug Advocacy
  • Improving Other Forms of Reporting and Analysis
  • Configuring LLMs
  • Implementing Custom GPTs for Specialized Knowledge Management
  • Tackling Challenges in using LLMs
  • LLMs – Dos and Don’ts
  • A Roadmap for AI Adoption in Testing Teams



What is the duration and timings of this course?

NA ..

No. We do not provide any tools with this course.

Yes this certification is valid for lifetime.

No, we do not provide placement.

The maximum batch size is 20 members in one batch.

Yes post training support will be provided, you can contact the trainers for any queries which you may have.

No, coding is not a prerequisite.

We strongly recommend that the participants attend the batch which they have specifically registered for. There can be exceptions in case of emergencies but the difference in fee(if any) will have to be borne by the participant.

No we do not provide refunds upon cancellation.

Yes we can arrange for an in-house batch for your company given there are a minimum of 10 participants per batch.

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