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Professional Agile Leadership – Evidence-Based Management

This program is conducted in association with Agilemania.

Course Description:

The Professional Agile Leadership – Essentials course is designed for managers and leaders overseeing agile teams. Participating in this course will teach you how to effectively support, guide, and coach your team(s) to foster an environment that promotes greater agility.

Throughout the course, you will gain insights into leaders’ roles in an agile context. In addition, you will learn how to identify and implement actions that contribute to creating a thriving agile environment. By the end of the course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to actively facilitate agility within your organization, ensuring that your team(s) can thrive and deliver value in an ever-changing landscape.

Course Objectives:

➜   Understand the essential aspects of goals and measures and how they influence behaviors and an organization’s culture and values
➜   Help organizations embrace empiricism as a leadership approach. Using experimentation to steer toward the organization’s goals incrementally
➜   An appreciation for how goals and trust act together to enable autonomy, transparency, and value delivery
➜   Correlate market leadership and sustainability to curiosity, adaptation, and empiricism
➜   Understand how to use EBM and its KVAs to focus measurements on improving market value and operational capabilities

Who Should Attend?

Professional Agile Leadership is for professionals in leadership roles (including executives, managers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, coaches, and consultants) who:

➜   Are responsible for the success of their product delivery programs or Agile transformations and are seeking a means to measure and demonstrate that success
➜   Are looking for a framework that identifies improvement areas that increase their business agility, including their time to pivot to meet new challenges and deliver customer value
➜   Want to help their organization embrace empiricism and experimentation to find solutions for complex problems (where more is unknown than known or the situation changes rapidly)
➜   They want to articulate goals and measures in a way that fosters self-management and empowers their teams to understand the connection between their work and the value their organization is providing and the customer is receiving
➜   Want to be more effective in how they measure success by using Agile measures rather than traditional measurement models (including the use of velocity)

The Professional Agile Leadership – Essentials course is designed for attendees who have a solid grasp of Agile practices, have read the Evidence-Based Management Guide, and desire to shift from traditional approaches to working and measurement. While specific Scrum experience is not required, the course provides leaders valuable insights on effectively supporting their Agile teams.

As a result, it serves as excellent preparation for PAL-EBM, although it is not mandatory. Additionally, our Professional Scrum Product Owner courses offer guidance for delivering value and can complement the PAL-EBM course, enabling leaders to enhance their Agile skills and knowledge.



What is the duration and timings of this course?

NA ..

No. We do not provide any tools with this course.

Yes this certification is valid for lifetime.

No, we do not provide placement.

The maximum batch size is 20 members in one batch.

Yes post training support will be provided, you can contact the trainers for any queries which you may have.

No, coding is not a prerequisite.

We strongly recommend that the participants attend the batch which they have specifically registered for. There can be exceptions in case of emergencies but the difference in fee(if any) will have to be borne by the participant.

No we do not provide refunds upon cancellation.

Yes we can arrange for an in-house batch for your company given there are a minimum of 10 participants per batch.

Professional Agile Leadership Evidence Based Management Certification


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