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SAFe® Product Owner/ Product Manager (POPM)

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Jan-Dec, 2024. Certification Fees is included in the Training Cost

Course Description:

Are you looking to strengthen your understanding of product owner and manager responsibilities in a distributed team setting?

If so, this SAFe® Product Owner and SAFe® Product Manager (POPM) certification course is for you. This course will teach you a customer-centric approach guided by the Scaled Agile Framework®, allowing you to achieve higher-quality outcomes in less time. In addition, you will gain valuable insights on topics like daily PO/PM roles, working with engineering teams and stakeholders, epics/features/stories, and designing/prioritizing/building/testing/delivering products. With this certification, take your Agile Release Train (ART) skills to new heights! Your remote environment awaits.

Course Objectives:

➜   Articulate the Product Owner and Product Manager role.
➜   Connect SAFe Lean-Agile principles and values to the PO/ PM roles.
➜   Decompose Epics into Features and decompose Features into Stories.
➜   Refine Features into Stories.
➜   Manage Program and Team backlogs.
➜   Collaborate with Agile teams in estimating and forecasting work.
➜   Represent Customer needs in Program Increment Planning.
➜   Execute the Program Increment and deliver continuous value.

Who Should Attend?

➜   Product Managers, Product Owners, Business Owners, and Business Analysts
➜   Solution, Program and Portfolio Managers, and Process Leads
➜   Enterprise, Solution, and System Architects

Course Topics:

Becoming a Product Owner/Product Manager in the SAFe enterprise

The PO has a significant role in maximizing the value produced by the team and ensuring Stories meet the user’s needs and comply with the Definition of Done. For most enterprises moving to Agile, this is a new and critical role, typically translating into a full-time job, requiring one PO to support each Agile team (or, at most, two teams).

This cover

  • Describe SAFe for Lean enterprises
  • Explain Value Streams
  • Describe Lean-Agile Mindset decision making
  • Describe Product Owner/Product Manager responsibilities

PO is involved with story definition, providing the clarifications necessary to assist the team with their story estimates and sequencing. The entire Agile team, which includes the PO, also work together to determine their team PI objectives for the upcoming PI.

This cover

  • Communicate the Vision
  • Establish PI Objectives
  • Manage dependencies
  • Manage risks

Iterations and Agile teams serve a larger purpose; the frequent, reliable, and continuous release of value-added solutions. During each PI, the PO coordinates dependencies with other POs. This often occurs in weekly PO sync events (see the PI article for more information). The PO also has an instrumental role in producing the System Demo for program and Value Stream stakeholders.

This cover

  • Participate in the PO sync
  • Participate in the System Demo
  • Innovate throughout the PI
  • Inspect and Adapt

As a member of the extended Product Management team, the PO is heavily involved in program backlog refinement and prep for Program Increment (PI) planning and also plays a significant role in the planning event itself. Before the planning event, the PO updates the team backlog and typically reviews and contributes to the program vision, Roadmap, and content presentations.

This cover

  • Describe the Program Increment
  • Describe the Vision
  • Forecast work through Roadmaps
  • Create beneficial Features
  • Manage the Program Backlog and Kanban

PO reviews and reprioritizes the backlog as part of the prep work for Iteration Planning, including coordination of dependencies with other POs. During the iteration planning event, the PO communicates story detail and priorities and ensures the team aligns and agrees on a final iteration plan.

This cover

  • Apply User Stories
  • Plan the Iterations
  • Manage flow with the Team KANBAN
  • Continuously refine the backlog
  • Participate in the Iteration Review and Retrospective
  • Support DevOps and Release on Demand



What is the duration and timings of this course?

NA ..

No. We do not provide any tools with this course.

Yes this certification is valid for lifetime.

No, we do not provide placement.

The maximum batch size is 20 members in one batch.

Yes post training support will be provided, you can contact the trainers for any queries which you may have.

No, coding is not a prerequisite.

We strongly recommend that the participants attend the batch which they have specifically registered for. There can be exceptions in case of emergencies but the difference in fee(if any) will have to be borne by the participant.

No we do not provide refunds upon cancellation.

Yes we can arrange for an in-house batch for your company given there are a minimum of 10 participants per batch.

SAFe® Product Owner Product Manager POPM Training


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2 Day program held on every 1st & 4th weekend of every month.

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