In our Design Sprint Workshop we bring in all our experiences from projects with focus on Design Thinking, Agile Developments, UX Design and customer communication. We follow the Google Ventures framework for Design Sprints and make workshop participants fit for this approach, with which we can quickly set up our in–house projects as well as those of our customers – from understanding the current situation to a promising idea and testing a finished prototype with real customers. This enables us to achieve rapid, repeatable innovation cycles and make companies fit for their future and today’s fast–moving markets.

The course teaches the entire sprint process. We take you step by step through the individual sprint stages and let you feel how good and at the same time how challenging a design sprint feels by means of a real practical example. You will then be able to better estimate when a Design Sprint can be used, what preparations are needed for the team and where you can get additional information for your first Design Sprint to refine your technique even after our course. Afterwards, you will know all the necessary steps of a Design Sprint, you will have experienced them all once as a participant and you will be able to carry out Design Sprints in your company yourself.

Our trainers all have over 20 years of professional experience from large and small (software) projects in various industries. Find out more about our speakers here.


Practically anyone looking for innovations and improvements with their team and in their company can apply this method. The course is aimed in particular at:

  • Product managers and product coordinators
  • Team leaders and managers
  • Designers
  • Software Engineers
  • Startup Founders & Managing Directors


No special previous knowledge is required. The Design Sprint Master 2.0 course builds on the Google Ventures Framework and Jake Knapp’s SPRINT book, and is a further development of the approaches described there, drawing on the experience of many sprints in large and small businesses. You don’t need to have read the book, even though it can offer small advantages in the classification of the individual steps.


In the course of the seminar we will focus on design sprinting, so that we will spend little time on the origin and history as well as the theoretical classification of the framework, but rather focus on the practical exercise of each step. On the basis of the immediate experience we achieve a high willingness to learn from the workshop participants. We also provide tips and tricks to help clear out stumbling blocks in your own later work quickly and without affecting the sprint process.

At the workshop you get

  • A practical understanding of each step of the design sprint process
  • Priceless experiences from your own completely lived out Design Sprint
  • Best practices tips from previous sprints of our trainers
  • Assistance with the role of facilitator
  • A prototype of your own to touch
  • Tool and method tips for creating and testing prototypes
  • Hopefully all your questions about the framework answered


The exam for the Certified Design Sprint Master will not be available until mid–2018. It is an online assessment with multiple choice questions around the practical execution of a Design Sprint. Until then, as a training provider, we will issue a certificate of attendance that will also entitle you to take the exam at a later date.

The exam will last 60 minutes and can be taken on the day of your choice on your own PC at any place in the world with internet access. An independent certification body will charge an exam fees of INR 8,000.00 but the participants undergoing this workshop will get a special discount of 50% i.e. INR 4000.00 on the exam fees. This offer is only valid for this particular dates.


  • Open Training: 2 Day Workshop
  • Full Time – 9am to 5:30pm
  • Price – INR 30,000/– +GST
  • Early Bird Price – INR 24,000/– +GST
  • For Booking the ticket: Click here

Past Workshop Videos & Feedback

Trainer Profiles:

Mr. Jose Diaz, Managing Director, Trendig

José Díaz is the chief strategic thinker at trendig technology services GmbH & Verity Software. He has over 30 years of professional experience. He is a Managing Director; José takes on some of the trainings in order to test the practicability of the courses developed by D&H & Verity in particular, and to receive immediate feedback from participants. In his eyes, this is the only and defining reason to ever offer one’s own training courses. Customers’ requirements in terms of knowledge, new insights and discussion regarding certain areas is what determines the trendig course plan and shapes new proprietary solutions – such as CAT Certified Agile Tester and CMAP Certified Mobile App Professional – developed together with partners.

José is a native son of Spain and studied Engineering in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria and Barcelona, as well as Business Administration and Computer Sciences in Berlin. He originally wanted to become a chef and bar owner on the Canary Islands, but love led him to Germany: from Head of Quality Assurance at a police department, and projects as Senior Consultant for IT Quality, IT Security and Project Management, through to the founding in 1998 of Díaz & Hilterscheid Unternehmensberatung GmbH – now trendig technology services GmbH, which supports companies in all sectors around the world in matters of IT quality. Financial services, automotive, telecommunications and media are the industries the company focuses on. For some years now, José has particularly dedicated himself to advising companies on their journey to digitisation and innovation management with the aid of design thinking. He recognised early on that working with agile methods is a crucial component to this journey. In 2009, he launched the “Agile Testing Days”, which have now become globally recognised as one of the leading industry meet–ups in this arena, with over 500 international participants coming together every year in Berlin. Since 2004, José has also been President of the Spanish Software Testing Qualifications Board and a member of ISTQB. From 2008 onwards, the “testing experience” journal that he edits has reached 250,000 readers around the world as a quarterly print and online edition.

José describes himself as an almost–native speaker of German, and specialist terms in German and English come to him more readily than in his native Spanish. It is only when pursuing his great passion – cooking and barbecuing for his team, friends and family – that the creativity and aromas on display reveal his Mediterranean origins

Mr. Vipul Kocher, President – ISTQB, India

Vipul is the President of Indian Testing Board, the ISTQB board for India. He has 20+ years of testing experience in various capacities with leading companies. He was one of the first accredited TMMi Assessor, CMAP (Certified Mobile Application Professional), & ISTQB Agile Tester Trainer in India.

He is one of the authors of CMAP–Certified Mobile Application Professional Certification, the only certification globally recognized on Mobile Testing. He is also an assessor for the agile global certification course known as Certified Agile Tester course. He has won several awards including the best paper award at STAREast 2006 and the Logica CMG Triple Star Award for the most original contribution at EuroStar 2005. He has been a Keynote speaker at many testing conferences including SIGiST 2008, ANZTB 2009, Sydney, Poland 2010 and SIGiST 2011.

Vipul invented Q-Patterns, a method of capturing testing knowledge and writing reusable test cases. This method is being used by various organizations across the world. He is also the inventor of extension to Noun-and–Verb technique for creation of large number of tests from minimal documentation in shortest time possible. He has done lot of consultancy, trainings & has done lot of mentoring to many of the esteem clients in India & Abroad.

  • He is the President of ISTQB, India
  • He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering and Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering from IIT, Delhi
  • He also holds ISTQB Foundation Level & Full ISTQB Advance Level Certifications
  • He is one of the author of CMAP–Certified Mobile Application Professional Course
  • He was India’s first accredited TMMi Assessor
  • He is an assessor for the Certified Agile Tester course
  • He is an ISTQB Agile Certified Trainer
  • He is the Director of SALT (School of Applied Learning in Testing)
  • He is the Director of Verity Software

Mode: Hands On, Written Exercises, Group Discussion, Case Study etc