Masters of The Craft – “The Business of Software Quality”- with Mr. Lalatendu Sahoo, TCS

🌟 Prepare to be inspired as Verity Software hosts an electrifying conversation with Mr. Lalatendu(Lala) Sahoo, Head of Quality Engineering for BFSI at TCS!

In this captivating and impactful discussion, Verity Software’s CTO, Mr. Jayapradeep Jiothis, and CEO, Mr. Viepul Kocher, delve into the world of software testing with one of the industry’s leading experts.

🧠 Get ready to discover: 🎯 The skills required to become an EXCEPTIONAL software tester.
🌈 Why ATTITUDE is just as important as APTITUDE in software testing.
🎨 How to unleash your CREATIVE genius even within the confines of normal project cycles.
🚀 Strategies to CREATE a Succession Plan and nurture the NEXT LEVEL leaders in the realm of testing.
💼 Making testers understand the BUSINESS VALUE of their critical role in the software development process.
📊 Why SOFTWARE QUALITY is not just an IT concern but a C-SUITE priority.
🤖 The IMPACT of AI on the ever-evolving landscape of Software Testing Jobs.
💪 How to courageously DEAL WITH FAILURES and turn them into stepping stones for success.
👩‍💻 Whether TESTERS really need to know how to CODE. ⚖️ Strategies for creating the perfect WORK-LIFE BALANCE in the fast-paced world of tech.

This conversation is an intellectual rollercoaster, packed with insights, anecdotes, and revelations that will leave you empowered and enlightened. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of software testing, leadership, and personal growth from the best in the field.

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