STeP-IN Forum in association with Verity Software & Agile United (AU) Presents Webinar on Certified Practitioner in Agile Testing (CPAT)

In the webinar the authors will cover the following topics

A brief Introduction of AU-CPAT. What is CPAT? An introduction of the CPAT course. People should get an impression of why the course was developed and what it will bring them.

  1. What is the core of testing? A short introduction on what  testing is. People will gain a core view on the business of testing.
  2. What is agile development? An introduction on Agile development, so that the viewers have an understanding of the basics of agility and finally
  3. What does testing in an agile context mean? The takeaway here is that viewers will have an understanding of the extensiveness of all job components concerning testing in an agile context as opposed to a waterfall context.

Introduction of Brightest.

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