STeP-IN Forum in Association with Verity Software & Agile United Presents Webinar on The 4 Pillars Of Agile Testing

Testers on Agile projects, we know you are in pain.

Following sequential testing techniques for agile projects is plain torture.

So we brought out a solution!

A solution built on the framework followed by NASA for space missions.

Sounds Interesting?

Then you should attend our FREE WEBINAR on the “The 4 pillars of Agile Testing”.

Uncover a fresh framework for Testing Agile Software Cycles.

Key Takeaways for the Webinar Participants:

➜   Appreciate the difference between test strategies in sequential and agile projects
➜   Understand the framework for Agile test approaches
➜   Basic idea about implementation of the Rumsfeld Paradigm in Agile Testing

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