STeP-IN Forum in association with Verity Software & Performance Testing United (PtU) Presents Webinar on Certified Performance Tester with JMeter (CPTJM)

JMeter: A highly versatile performance testing tool

JMeter is a highly versatile open-source performance testing tool. It has the ability to load and performance test many different applications, server, and protocol types.  We want to show you how to create different test plans in JMeter focused on Web, Mobiles, Database, Web Services and API.

5 key points doing performance testing:
If you are planning to start with performance testing, keep an eye on the most important things.

You can find a lot of material, different training and tools for performance testing, but being successful at the beginning is not so easy.

I have been leading many performance testing projects, where I learned some important lessons that helped me to run successful projects.

More info:

The key is to focus on some important points, related to the following topics:

  • Define the goals of the performance testing project.
  • How to identify and build the right scenarios.
  • Understand the software architecture and the technology stack.
  • Monitor the back-end and find solutions.
  • Consider the front-end and the user experience.

In theory, these topics are very clear, but in real projects things become a bit more complicated, and sometimes our logic fails trying to choose the right path.

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