Verity Software Presents Webinar on Artificial Intelligence & Testing


With the current trends in technology and the growing incorporation of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Certified Tester Artificial Intelligence Testing by ISTQB was created to support the understanding of implementation of these importance advancements. CTAI- Certified Tester in Artificial Intelligence (CTAI) is a 4-day practical certification course, which goes beyond the fundamentals of AI and machine learning, to discover the differences associated with testing in this new world.



  • This webinar is aimed at testers who want to understand AI-ML and focuses on two aspects – how AI-ML apps can be tested and how AI-ML can be used to help in testing including AI based automation. The webinar introduces AI, ML and how they are related and details of various types of ML such as supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning. It demos how models are created to help understand the AI-ML landscape. This enables testers to understand the challenges of testing ML systems.
  • Testing ML models required understanding the ML Lifecycle and where testing fits into it. The webinar touches on issues of new quality characteristics that are required and ethics related to AI use. The webinar concludes with the use cases of using AI to aid testing including automation.


Target Audience:

Anybody who has to test or manage testing of systems that involve AI.

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