Vinay Baid

Co-Founder & Chief Revenue Officer

I’ve had an incredible journey spanning over 20 years in the industry, and I’m currently serving as a key member of the Leadership team at Verity Software, overseeing Global Sales for the company.

Over the past two decades, I’ve successfully sold a diverse array of technical and non-technical products, including global certifications. My clientele includes decision-makers across various industries, catering to both mid-sized enterprises and large multinational corporations. It’s been a rewarding experience navigating the dynamic landscape of the business world and contributing to the success of Verity Software.

As the founder of Verity Software, my passion lies in empowering professionals through comprehensive software training. I take pride in leading a team that is committed to providing top-notch education in the ever-evolving tech landscape, a seasoned professional with around 20+ years of global sales expertise.

Known for consistently surpassing sales targets, I bring passion and innovation to the forefront of our organization. Beyond the boardroom, I thrive on engaging conversations with professionals, sharing insights not only on sales but also on sports, food, movies and diverse activities.

I am known best for my relationship building skills and am blessed to have a massive industry network- that I really value and have fostered these relationships over the years. Building meaningful connections is at the heart of my professional ethos.

My Core Competencies include- Value Selling, Sales Advisory, and Business Growth Planning.

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